Colin Morgan tried to eat me with a skeleton dog



The BBC America Tumblr presents to you a visual guide to the British snack food available in our New York office vending machine.

Walkers and Tayto, Roast Chicken and ‘Cheese & Onion’ crisps, Bounty bars that look the same but taste different. Familiarize yourself for your next trip across the pond.

Just to prove to you that the day isn’t all dashboards and tags for the Doctor Who Tumblr — we spend a lot of time being indoctrinated into all things British, like learning how to choose the proper UK snack food.

Oh my…

Cheese & Onion crisps aren’t a thing in America?! Nor Roast Chicken crisps?! (What else will I put in my Marmite sandwiches aghhhhh)

And oh, whoever put the Aero’s behind the Bounty’s… You’re going on my list. Nobody wants to have to go through two of THOSE coconut horrors before being able to snack on a bubbly delight. D: